Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lazy Weekend But FUN

This weekend was interesting to say the least. On Friday we were sitting in the breakfast room debating about whether of not we were going to go the a restaurant to have a last hurrah for the boys that leave on Tuesday but it was just pissin' down rain and for fear of melting I guess, Olesia and I went out by ourselves. We went to Cafe Roma, a picturesque little trattoria near the castle.
The menu was all in Italian but the waiter spoke English as he heard us fumble with our Tarzan Italian. I am happy to say that I could understand everything on the menu but speaking and reading are two different creatures.

So I had the ravioli riepieno stuffed with ricotta and spinach. Olesia had a tagliolini co salsicia sausage sauce. for the next course I had Carni Crudo Basically tar tar but the meat was so fresh and it was veal so it just melted in your mouth. I loved it, Olesia was put off by how much I loved it so she had Insalata Misticanza con verdure, a mixed spring greens salad with different vegetables; tomato, mushroom, fennel and a fresh cheese which they make in house. We washed it down with an '06 Barbera d'Asti(Olesia's new favorite wine). For dessert Ole had Tiramisu which was absolutely phenomenal and I had a Grappa di Moscato, a slightly sweet grappa the perfect digestivo. The rain had petered out and we were full and happy as we walked down the hill toward the Cascina we could hear the party had begun.

When we entered the breakfast room it was utter chaos. The "Crazy Japanese Boys" had invaded and were wasted a total transformation from the dreary scene before our dinner. We sat in the corner and enjoyed the spectacle. Then the Spanish returned from their test and were ready to cut loose the party was revived and crazier than before. As midnight rolled around I was ready for bed so we headed upstairs put on a movie and went to sleep.

The next day most everyone had gone to different towns about half of our group went to Turin to party with our Chef from school. Those of us that were left decided to have a BBQ. We got peppers to grill, sausage, veal, onions, potatoes it was fantastic. We sang songs, Diego one of the Brazilians played his guitar, we played music from around the world had wine and cheese and beer. A great time was had by all.

Today Ole and i rose early and headed into town for the Sunday market. We had a blast, there was fresh produce, A guy was working a rotisserie filled with chickens and pork loins. There was even Cloths, shoes and housewares for sale, We even saw the cheese producer C.Bianca that we had visited earlier this week. There was a man selling Grape Vines to start your own vineyard and a boatload of plants and flowers. Ole was sad because we cant have a Garden this year but we might get a pot of Basil that she can take care of so we'll have fresh basil when we need it. We picked up some other produce to cook for tonight and headed back to Cascina making sure to take the long way home because it is absolutely gorgeous outside today. So Ciao for now, Stay tuned

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